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Front cover for The Historical Bigfoot, a book about early sasquatch reports

The Historical Bigfoot

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Chad Arment
ISBN 1-930585-30-6
Retail $14.95 (USD)
346 pp. / Paperback

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Is Bigfoot a recent cultural phenomenon?

"In the fore part of August, 1812, a party of hunters found in a mountainous region now known as Rabun county, Ga., a being nearly eight feet high covered with bluish hair and having a human face adorned with immense ears resembling those of an ass. ..."

This different kind of Bigfoot book takes a look at stories of large hairy manlike apes in North America, before the term "Bigfoot" was even coined. From the early 1800s to the 1940s, sightings of Wild Men, Yahoos, Gorillas, and What-Is-It's were published in newspapers or passed along as strange wilderness stories. Many were based on hermits or outcasts, others were misidentifications of known wildlife, and a few were hoaxes or fabricated stories. There were reports, however, that point to the presence of an as-yet unidentified primate in North America.

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