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Caribbean monk seals

Caribbean Monk Seals:
Lost Seals of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea

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John Hairr
ISBN 1-61646-063-6
Retail $9.95 (USD)
190 pp.

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A Profile from Extinction

The Caribbean monk seal was a significant and charismatic member of the tropical marine ecosystem of southern Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Author John Hairr delves into the fascinating history of a marine mammal that met its match in man, as overhunting for meat and oil (and even scientific specimens) drove it to extinction. Hairr looks at the intersections between this seal and the various cultures it encountered over the centuries, the narratives of a playful pinniped from the few times it was kept in captivity, and the expeditions that sought out any last remaining survivors of a vanishing species.

John Hairr has a passion for the natural wonders of the world, especially those in the southeastern U.S. and Caribbean region. A graduate of the University of South Florida and NC State University, his writing covers topics that include great hurricanes, wild rivers, marine mammals, and extinct wildlife. He has written books, documentary films, and articles for publications including Mercator's World, South Carolina Wildlife and Our State magazine. Hairr is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

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Caribbean Monk Seals


Lost Seals of the Caribbean
Native Americans and Monk Seals
Early European Encounters with West Indian Seals
West Indian Seals off South America and in the Southern Caribbean
The French and the Loups Marins
Decline of the Caribbean Monk Seals
Caribbean Monk Seals in Captivity
Hunt for Survivors and Possible Recent Sightings
Lessons from the Demise of the Caribbean Monk Seal ...

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