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Cryptozoology: Science & Speculation

Science & Speculation

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Chad Arment
ISBN 1-930585-15-2
Retail $16.95
393 pp. / Paperback

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Do you know what to say when someone calls cryptozoology a pseudoscience?

Cryptozoology examines reports of puzzling creatures that do not fit nicely into the recognized scheme of described species. This book on cryptozoology as methodology examines the principles and procedures underlying the pursuit of possible unknown species in the Animal Kingdom.

This book is for anyone who wants to move beyond stories to the scientific examination of mystery animals, and reclaim a methodology that is is already in use in mainstream zoology: the targeted search for ethnoknown, but unconfirmed, species.

Historical Bigfoot
Giant Snakes
Part I: Science
  • What is Cryptozoology?
  • A Scientific Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • A Logical Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • An Ethnozoological Foundation for an Investigative Methodology
  • The Rationale for Cryptozoology
  • The Methodology of Cryptozoology
  • The Feasibilty of Cryptozoology
  • The Credibility of Cryptozoology

Part II: Speculation

  • Long-Tailed Bobcats
  • The West Virginia Roc
  • Giant Orangutans
  • Notes on the Search for Historical Bigfoot Reports
  • The Pennsylvania "Gorilla"
  • The Great Naked Bear
  • Stone Giants
  • The Pichu-Cuate
  • Giant Snakes in the Everglades
  • The Broad Top Serpent and other "Boss" Snakes
  • Dwarf Seals
  • Merfolk and Sea Monkeys
  • Introduced Species and Cryptozoology


  • Suggestions for the Obtaining of Larger Zoological Specimens (Ivan T. Sanderson)
  • North American Terrestrial Description Dates
  • Wildlife Genetics Laboratories

"If you're looking for a light read, this is not for you; but if you're searching for an understanding of the mechanics of cryptozoology, what lies beneath its surface, rather than just another parade of cryptids great and small, you need this book — now."

— Karl Shuker, Fortean Times

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