Mystery Beast of the
Congo Basin

William J. Gibbons

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ISBN 1-61646-010-5
Retail $24.95 (USD)
269 pp. / Paperback

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Search for an Unknown Creature in the Congo

Bill Gibbons provides fascinating insight into several expeditions that have set off in search of suspected living dinosaurs, including several he has undertaken himself. Here you will read about amazing eyewitness testimonies and surprise encounters with these remarkable creatures. This book will take you on a journey into a true “lost world” of pygmy tribes, dense unforgiving jungles, hidden unexplored lakes, and rivers that run for hundreds of miles into a land that time has literally forgotten. No armchair explorer, Gibbons also details several other incredible creatures that by all accounts should have been extinct eons ago, yet are still encountered today.

Join Bill as he continues on his tireless quest in search of an animal that could well be the most important scientific discovery of this century!

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