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Stick Insects of the Continental United States and Canada

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Chad Arment, editor
ISBN 1-930585-23-3
Retail $12.95 (USD)
202 pp. / Paperback

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North American Walkingsticks

With 41 species in North America, stick insects offer a fascinating challenge to the insect hobbyist. Whether seeking walkingsticks for photography, insect collections, natural history studies, or breeding stock, their natural camouflage is both a challenge to and incentive for the hunt.

This text offers a brief guide to the genera of stick insects found in the continental United States and Canada. Morphological characters are covered, which can be used with locality data and host plants to successfully identify both genus and species for each of the North American species. A representative distribution for each walkingstick is included, showing both state and counties for specimens recorded in published papers and held in museum collections across the country. There is also a bibliography of the most pertinent journal articles and published studies.

Also included are 18 classic reprints of systematic, behavioral, and ecological studies of North American stick insects.

Stick Insects back cover
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